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Hymenoplasty  and Hymen repair in Dubai UAE  and Amman jordan

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The Hymen is a thin layer of tissue at the beginning of the vagina. it my get torn through sexual intercourse or by accidents. many women seek hymen repair for cultural reasons. Hymenoplasty   or hymen repair can only be done by a trained surgeon and there is nothing called hymen repair by laser or medications

Many women seek hymen repair for cultural reasons, unfortunately, many doctors perform the procedure without appropriate training and this lead to poor results and failure of the hymen repair.

we provide in this article important information about hymenoplasty in Dubai and Amman Jordan

How hymenoplasty is performed?

The procedure can be performed in the clinic with a local anaesthetic and it takes about 30 minutes. where the hymen will be stitched with dissolvable cosmetic sutures there is minimal pain and you can travel on the same day. the procedure is extremely safe. 

Is hymen repair permanent?

Yes, always ask for full hymen cosmetic restoration, there is nothing such as temporary hymen repair and if the procedure is done by an expert then it will last forever or when sexual intercourse happens. there is nothing such as Laser hymen repair and it won't lead to good results

Is Hymen repair painful?

No, the procedure is not painful and you can perform normal activity  immediately

What type of hymenoplasty available?

1- 3d hymenoplasty: fully reconstruct the hymen and it will look normal.

2- simple hymenoplasty: focus on tightening the vagina only and approximation the hymnal tags

3 if there is no hymen we can create on from the vaginal wall 

Cost of hymenoplasty


The cost of hymenoplasty in Dubai and Amman is variable based on the type of procedure required and if vaginal tightening is required or not  also it is variable from one country to another 

After the hymenoplasty

  • avoid staring and constipation

  • avoid heavy exercise 

  • you can bath after days

  • avoid sex for at least 6 weeks

Dr Yaman Altal  urologist and genital  surgeon 

experienced in advanced genital reconstruction

14 years UK experience

 European board of sexual medicine

Clinics in Dubai and Amman 

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