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Long Term Male Enhancement: What You Need To Know

The permanent male enlargement surgery cost in Dubai varies by case, and each situation has its unique problem as well as a treatment approach.

Despite the large number of people who have undergone it, penis enlargement surgery has always been somewhat mysterious. 

However, due to the presence of several other non-surgical capabilities with unstable results, this surgery is still not as popular as other plastic surgeries, but it has increased and can be seen in recent years.

How much permanent male enlargement surgery cost in dubai

Before we go into the specifics, we can note that the price can reach around 6,500 AED. In other words, starting at $3,800 and going up to $8,800.

Don't forget that the price is linked to the quality, which is forced on the patient. Pay attention to several factors that can be beneficial throughout and even before the surgery phase. 

What elements influence a permanent male enlargement surgery cost in dubai?

There are differences in the challenges that patients with the same disease face.

Thus, each patient can receive care that is tailored to his needs and problems.

From this vantage point, we can see why the price of penis enlargement surgery varies and is not constant from patient to patient.

  • Drug costs before, during, and after the operation.

  • the surgeon's expertise and level of education, science, and specialization.

  • Location, features, and characteristics of the clinic.

Important note: All of this might be included in the price of the penis enlargement procedure in Dubai.

Is it possible to have surgery to increase penis size?

Yes, the procedure of enlarging the penis involves an increase in length and size. Because penis enlargement was formerly still viewed favorably by a significant portion of guys, with the advancement of plastic surgery on all levels, we may say this.

More than 6000 cases have been treated, according to some statistics from medical centers, including lengthening the penis by 3 to 6 cm, boosting its size or thickness by 2 to 3, and what is known as enlarging the glans penis by 30 to 50%.

Important note: With these outcomes, you can hunt for the greatest and most advantageous ways to find economical, expert specialists who can do penis enlargement surgery in Dubai.

Experimental tests for this surgical method have been undertaken in some scientifically verified research, including:

In 2019, Alessandro Litara and the team carried out several clinical investigations with 355 cases of penile enlargement, noting an increase in the diameter of the penis as well as the erection and flaccid phases after measuring and monitoring it periodically.

How is surgery for permanent penis enlargement carried out in Dubai?

The role of the doctor is to select the most appropriate surgical procedure and take into account

  •  the patient's age. 

  • the size of his penis before surgery.

  • the type of skin.

  •  the anatomical structure of the penis.

  •  the desired length and size after surgery

  •  personal desires, recommendations, and preparations for the surgical procedure. 

Some numerous methods and techniques vary among themselves in how they are performed. There are numerous surgical techniques, each with distinct benefits, including:

1. Silicone Implants

The length and even thickness of the penis can be increased using this treatment by inserting a piece of medical silicone with a crescent shape under the skin.

2. The transfer and injection of fat into the body of the penis

Through a series of tiny incisions, extra body fat from areas like the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks is taken out and injected into the penis. 

Important note: This method is being investigated and researched.

3. Use inflatable implants to increase penis size

where a liquid is fed to the inflate cylinder from a tiny reservoir in the abdomen

4. Suspensory ligament of the penis amputation

This procedure can prolong the penis in circumstances of flaccidity, however it does not appear to lengthen the penis during an erection.

Can men get enlargement surgery?

Permanent penis enlargement surgery  is a surgical treatment targeted to lengthen and enlarge the penis permanently.

Statistics show that 1123 penis enlargement procedures were carried out in the US in 2018, with a two to the four-day recovery period.

According to a study, the Department of Urology's medical staff conducted a study to describe the surgical and non-surgical approaches used in penile enlargement operations.

The study showed an increase in penile length of up to 9 cm, however, there were some concerns about some consequences. 

The penis enlargement surgery can be viewed as an experimental procedure until the necessary information is obtained and research is conducted for improved precision.

What are the advantages of getting a permanent penile enlargement in Dubai?

There are numerous medical benefits to this procedure.

  • It suggests a more fulfilling sex life and relationship.

  • It boosts the partner's sense of contentment by extending the time of this partnership.

  • increase in mental health

  • treating diseases including Peyronie's disease, which causes erectile dysfunction and discomfort.

  • Results from the employment of other medical and therapeutic techniques that are consistent and enriching.

  • take a few minutes, not more than an hour.

Important note: On the day of the procedure, it is possible to go home, and for some patients, it produced positive outcomes and a high success rate.


What are the drawbacks of Dubai permanent penis enlargement surgery?

Some risks of penis enlargement surgery must be highlighted when discussing the benefits of this procedure, but they can be minimal if the procedure is carried out by an experienced surgeon.

These dangers, which are identical to the other risks associated with any surgical operation, include:

  • Anesthesia kind and its effects.

  • Specifications of the silicone and saline implants used in penis enlargement surgery.

The hazards and advantages of penis enlargement surgery have not yet been sufficiently studied to provide us with a firm understanding of them.

What are the dangers associated with using silicone and saline implants for permanent penis enlargement in Dubai?

  • Danger of snagging

  • During an erection, these types of fillings are susceptible to rupture.

  • The filler was rejected immunologically.

  • Infections in the penis result from bacterial infection of these fillings.

  • The possibility of necrosis of the injected tissues and fat

Where they congregate as fatty clumps that act adversely on the penis, thereby playing a poor sexual role.

  • Sometimes they can lead to long-term issues.


The necessity for penis enlargement surgery may be indicated by several factors, including your general health, your weakness or lack of reaction to any previous treatments, the presence of a significant issue, and many more.

All of this is possible thanks to your wise decision to select a medical professional who can identify your best course of action.

The degree of your readiness for the procedure, the desired outcome, the technique used for your case, and the potential complications and complications are just a few of the questions you should ask your doctor to get the most accurate answers. He will then inform you of these issues and demonstrate how to handle them if they arise.

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