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Everything you should to know about Dubai penile implant surgery

Due to the spread of hypertension and diabetic disorders, and the resulting weakening in the erection of the male organ, which substantially impairs the sexual relationship between the husbands, the penile implant in Dubai has become increasingly popular recently.

At Dr. Yaman Al-Tal Clinic, we provide adequate medical consultations from experts in andrology and sexual difficulties, as well as high-quality penile implants that compete with the leading centers and clinics.

What exactly is erectile dysfunction, and what causes it?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability of a man's penis to obtain and maintain a good erection long enough to allow full sexual intercourse, which may require a penile implant in Dubai.

There are numerous causes of erectile dysfunction, some of which are caused by biological and physical disorders, and others by psychological factors, such as:

  • Hypertension

  • Diabetes

  • Anxiety, despair, and a negative mental state

  • Obesity

  • smoking

What are the options for treating erectile dysfunction?

There are various techniques to treat ED, including:

  • Medication was taken orally

  • Injection of the sperm.

  • equipment for unloading

  • Medications are administered through the urethra.

  • Surgery (penile implants).

 Each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Discuss your treatment options with your doctor to find the best solution for you.

Important note: The first step in treating ED is determining the root cause. Then the proper treatment can begin. A man can regain normal sexual function through a variety of non-surgical and surgical procedures.

What exactly is erectile dysfunction treatment in Dubai?

A penile implant in Dubai is a procedure used to treat erectile dysfunction that includes inserting inflatable or flexible rods into the penis. Inflatable penises necessitate a saline serum-filled device and a pump buried in the scrotum.

When you press the pump, the saline serum enters the device and inflates it, resulting in an erection. You can remove the gadget again later.


Important note: This surgery is often reserved for men who have tried and failed other ED treatments. The majority of guys who have the operation are pleased with the results.

Who are the patients who are excellent candidates for implant penile in Dubai?

If a patient meets the following criteria, he may be an excellent candidate for penile implant surgery:

  • A continuous sexual weakness that interferes with his sexual life.

  • Several ED treatments have already been attempted and failed, including: Viagra or a penis pump.

If a patient meets the following criteria, he is not a good candidate:

  • There is a chance that ED can be treated with medication.

  • Erectile dysfunction caused by psychosocial issues.

  • Suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI).

  • Penile or scrotal skin irritation, lesions, or other disorders.

What are the different kinds of penile implants?

Penis supports are classified into two types:

1- Flexible penile implants

Flexible implants require inserting two flexible tubes into the penis. The size and rigidity of these supports remain constant. Rather, it remains semi-solid, but it may be easily altered to different locations before and after the interaction.

In addition, because there are fewer elements to apply, the possibilities of failure in semi-rigid supports are smaller.

Important note: Many men, however, find the constant rigidity of these supports irritating since it puts constant pressure on the inside of the penis, which can lead to injury and discomfort.

It is also difficult to conceal it under clothing, which may give the sufferer embarrassment. Also there are custom-made penile implants that can accommodate penises of various sizes.

2- Inflatable Hydraulic implants:

It is divided into two types:

1- Two-piece hydraulic implant:


The two-piece inflatable penile implant in Dubai consists of a pair of tubes that are filled with fluid and then implanted into the penis along with a small pump implanted in the scrotum. for an erection.

  You simply press the pump a few times and the tubes are filled with fluid and the penis is simply erected.

2- Three-piece hydraulic implant:

 This is the most common type of penile implant used. Two tubes are placed in the patient's penis, an inflatable pump is placed inside the scrotum, and a fluid-filled bladder is placed in the abdomen - all connected to special tubes to achieve a normal and firm erection.

 When you press on the pump in the scrotum, this causes the fluid to flow from the tubes in the penis. When this type of penile implant is filled, it acts like a normal erection and is completely comfortable.

 Important Note:  The only downside to the three-piece inflatable pump is that it has more parts and can break.

How long do penile implants last?

The lifespan of a penile implant is determined by various factors. Before performing the treatment, patients should consult with their doctor regarding the implant's expected lifespan.

According to research, mechanical failure is the most common reason for an inflated penile implant to need to be replaced.

 If the device was implanted 3-7 years before mechanical failure, the surgeon may consider surgery to replace the implant with a newer device.

 After ten years, the mechanical survival percentage for inflated penile implants is 78.2-85%.

Does penile implant surgery increase size?

In general, when a guy gets older and his erectile function deteriorates, his penis gets smaller. While the primary goal of penile implants is to restore a man's erectile function, most patients wonder if penile implants increase the size of their penis.

Penile implants do not always increase the size of the penis. The length of the penis after implant insertion is comparable to the length of the penis before surgery.


Approximately 90% of erectile implant procedures were successful, indicating that the implants produce an erection suitable for sexual relations.

Important note: Penile implant has very high satisfaction ratings, with 80% to 90% of men satisfied with the results.

How much does it cost to get a penile implant in Dubai?

Several factors influence the cost of the penile implant, including:

  • The type of implants: The price of an erection stent varies depending on whether it is flexible or hydraulic.

  • the firm and the materials used in its production.

  •  the doctor doing the procedure and the sort of institution where it is conducted.

The price of a penile implant in Dubai ranges from around $3,500 for a flexible implant to around $8,500 for a hydraulic pumpable implant.

Finally, you should always discuss and evaluate the doctor's recommendations to safeguard your health and safety, and this is what you will discover in Dr. Yaman Al-clinic, Tal's which is outfitted with the most up-to-date technology and tools for penile implant surgery.

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