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2 of the best andrologists in Dubai 2022

The best andrologist in Dubai has become a person of high standing and a lot of attention, and for another doctor to achieve such an honor, he must go beyond the limits of knowledge and experience to provide the best medical consultation possible.

Especially now that andrology has become a common problem in our society, particularly among the elderly, many professional doctors have emerged in this field.

Who is the best andrologist in Dubai?

We shall discuss two of the best andrologists in Dubai, who are:

 1- Dr. Manaf Kandakji 

A well-known andrologist with over 22 years of experience, as well as a pediatric urologist and an andrologist. He has treated a wide variety of urological disorders using laparoscopy, oncology, and urethral procedures.

He graduated from the University of Dusseldorf, Germany, with a degree 3 medical specialization in urology, and now works at the American Hospital in Dubai.

Urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, urology, pediatric urology, and andrology are among his specialties.

 Dr. Manaf specializes in testicular torsion surgery, cryptorchidism (undescended testicles), ureterocele treatment, and pediatric bedwetting.

2- Dr. Mohamed El-Khouly 

Dr. Mohamed is considered by some to be the best andrologist in Dubai. He is a urology and andrology specialist in Dubai with over 20 years of experience.

His areas of expertise are diverse, including the treatment of both sexes' urinary tract problems, all types of urinary tract stones with endoscopic treatment and lithotripsy, and Aside from male infertility and urinary incontinence, other issues include benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and early detection and treatment of malignant tumors in the genitourinary system. 

Dr. Khouly received his bachelor's degree from Alexandria University in Egypt, followed by his master's degree from the Mansoura Center for Nephrology and Urology. 

Later, he received advanced training in Robotics and Laparoscopic Surgery at Eminent Hospital in Malaysia, and he now works at the Orchid Fertility Clinic at Dubai Hospital.


Who is the best andrologist in the world? 

After reviewing the characteristics of the best andrologist in Dubai, we are currently reviewing a global group of andrology professionals.

People are always looking for the best doctors in terms of skills, qualifications, and experience to ensure good treatment outcomes, and we're talking about the best andrology doctors on a global scale here, including:

1- Dr. Paul Headway 

 A famed, compassionate, and skilled Consultant Urological Surgeon specializing in the treatment of penile disorders, urinary strictures, and infertility.

In addition to treating foreskin and erectile dysfunction in men, he performs circumcision operations in external operating rooms under local anesthesia. He is currently employed at London's Princess Grace Hospital.

2- Dr. Pierre-Marc Bouloux

A Senior Consultant Endocrinologist with over 40 years of experience in endocrinology as well as general internal medicine.

His areas of expertise include andrology and neuro-endocrinology, with clinical interests in thyroid disease, reproductive endocrinology, and testosterone replacement treatment, in addition to his research and teaching abilities.

He is currently an Endocrinology Professor at University College London. His ability to speak multiple languages added to his wide knowledge.

3- Dr. Marc Atkin

 He works primarily in the BMI Bath clinic and is diabetes, endocrinology, and internal medicine expert consultant.

Diabetes, thyroid and parathyroid abnormalities, obesity, and diseases of the adrenal and pituitary glands are among his areas of expertise.

What is the name of a doctor that specializes in male diseases?

An andrologist is similar to a urologist, except he focuses his clinical practice and therapy on a specific subset of patients.

The urologist treats urinary system disorders in both sexes as well as male reproduction issues, whereas the andrologist consults with the gynecologist.

His primary concentration as an andrologist is on male issues. He is a doctor who specializes in men's health, particularly reproductive and urinary tract issues, as well as the reproductive organs and the genitourinary system, which includes the kidneys and adrenal glands.


What diseases does an andrologist treat?

An andrologist is frequently a urologist or, in rare cases, an endocrinologist.

Andrologists treat a wide range of ailments, including male testicular diseases, penile difficulties, and genitourinary system issues.

In addition, he may be involved in additional treatments such as vasectomy, prostatectomy, inflammation and prostate cancer treatment, and circumcision. 

The nature of the medical professions of andrologists and urologists is similar. Andrology, on the other hand, is classified as urology.

The academic phases of these two specializations are likewise similar, since both andrologists and urologists complete bachelor's degrees, residency, and licensing degrees in medicine.

Many talents are shared by each of these specializations, and these skills are frequently required for both occupations.

Abilities an andrologist should have

Here some of the most important abilities that the best andrologist in Dubai should have:

1- Communication ability

Urologists and andrologists are in frequent contact with patients, so communication skills are required to manage patient docs and make medical reports.

2- Professionalism

This competence is needed for both of these medical specialties for the patient to feel at ease.

3- Problem-solving

The urologist and andrologist can use this talent to establish a systematic treatment plan and discover solutions for all patients.

4- Clinical skills

 involve knowing how to utilize medical tools and equipment correctly, as well as adhering to treatment guidelines to be effective. This ability is critical for clinical workers.

What exactly does a urologist do?

A urologist is in charge of treating and diagnosing renal system problems in both men and women. Some of his regular responsibilities include managing illnesses such as:

  • Kidney issues

  • Bladder-related issues

  • Infections of the urinary tract (UTIs)

What exactly does an andrologist do?

Andrology specialists manage a variety of disorders, and among the most essential responsibilities that fall under their purview are:

  • Issues with male reproduction

  • Issues with the male genitourinary system

  • Cancers that harm men

At the end of our essay, we explain why it is critical to understand the significance of visiting a specialist doctor and distinguishing between urinary tract ailments and male diseases for men.

And, because of the outstanding therapeutic achievement that is currently being supplied, the hunt for the best andrologist in Dubai has become simple. If you suspect a problem, consult a doctor right away.


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