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Your Heart is part of your penis

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I am not exaggerating here.The relation .between heart and penis far far from being casual and I will prove it here.

"Behind every great erection, there is a hard working heart" yaman

For the penis to rise and do its job saving the human race from extension it needs a strong heart to pump the blood into it. having a weak heart AKA heart failure is one the causes of erectile dysfunction.

"What breaks your penis breaks your heart"

Everyone knows that Hypertension, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity are risks factors for heart disease Interestingly these factors also cause erectile dysfunction erection. Surely this is not a coincidence!!

"What fix your penis Fix your heart"

What reduce risks of erectile problems: exercise, healthy eating, low-fat diet I know what you are thinking now. It's is exactly the same things that help us keeping a good heart, I told you the heart is part of the penis

Not convinced yet?

then keep reading....

Clog down clog up

Do you know that if you start noticing soft erection it can be a sign of clogging of your heart arteries?